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Letter From Managing Partner

Dear Honored Visitor:

Welcome to the web site of Ostrolenk.  With each passing year since our founding eighty years ago, we have seen intellectual property grow in importance to our clients and to the business community in general.  To be commercially competitive today, it is essential for businesses to consider protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights for both offensive and defensive reasons.  

Ostrolenk is strongly committed to the boutique model of intellectual property practice.  For over three-quarters of a century, we have represented our clients solely in the areas of patent, trademark and copyright law and closely related disciplines such as trade secrets.

Large general practice firms increasingly promote their vaunted intellectual property departments.  But those firms only care about the “bet the company” big ticket patent litigation, which generates millions of dollars in legal fees.  Due to their high fee structure, however, they have no interest in the intellectual property prosecution most businesses need or in the small to medium-sized litigation most companies face.

In recent years, these firms have promoted the idea of a one-stop shopping model offering a veritable supermarket of legal services.  In those firms, intellectual property is often treated as a loss leader for other high margin services like mergers and acquisitions.  We have never viewed intellectual property as something to “cross-sell” our clients.  Our specialty is not necessarily the sexy work that captures news headlines, but the bread and butter intellectual property work essential to keep companies running.

Our attorneys genuinely love the practice of intellectual property law.  Our patent attorneys like tinkering with inventions.  Our trademark attorneys enjoy working with brands marketed in stores every day.  And our copyright attorneys appreciate the beauty of the arts.  We all gain satisfaction from seeing our clients succeed in bringing products to market and fully exploiting their commercial potential.

Indeed, many of our attorneys spend their free time teaching and writing about the practice of intellectual property law.  We are also active members of most intellectual property organizations including the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the American Intellectual Property Law Association, the Association of Patent Law Firms, the International Trademark Association, the Copyright Society of the U.S.A., the New York Intellectual Property Law Association and the intellectual property law sections of the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.

Handling only intellectual property work does not make us myopic, though.  Indeed, we do not encourage our clients to pursue intellectual property protection just because it is available.  We carefully consider the costs and benefits and provide our clients the potential options with a commercial perspective in mind.

To save costs, we also staff our cases leanly in order to minimize unnecessary expenses for our clients.  Direct and personal dealings between individual attorneys and clients are the norm here, not a team of ever changing and faceless attorneys.  Without the high attrition rate faced by large general practice firms, our attorneys often remain on hand from the start to finish of a project.  Over the years, as a firm, we have collectively and proudly watched our clients grow.

We also take great pride in the fact that our firm is not segmented into separate practice groups or divisions.  Many attorneys handle both prosecution and litigation matters.  This provides our attorneys with the big picture perspective necessary to effectively counsel clients.  

In fact, many of our attorneys also handle patent, trademark and copyright matters.  This provides our clients with counsel fully familiar with their intellectual property portfolio and the various options available to maximize protection and minimize risk.

At Ostrolenk, we also take a strong interest in trademark and copyright matters.  While some other firms may treat trademarks and copyrights as stepchildren to patents, we treat all intellectual property with the equal importance they deserve.

Some firms only handle plaintiff’s or defendant’s work.  We represent the plaintiff and defendant side in different intellectual property cases.  This allows our attorneys to anticipate arguments likely to be raised by the other side in litigation.

With our main office in Midtown Manhattan, we are squarely located at the center of the legal and commercial market in New York City.  With our satellite office in Washington, D.C., we have immediate access to the Examiners and records in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office.

Without any far-flung offices to maintain, we have a lower cost structure than most large general practice firms do.  And we are always available to communicate with our clients by e-mail, phone, fax or mail.  We also like to meet with our clients in person at our offices or theirs, wherever that may be, to lend a personal touch to our services.

Our firm is global in scope, with local counsel located in most states around the U.S. and with foreign associates situated in most countries around the world.  We are proud to have close and long-standing relationships with our many foreign intellectual property agents and attorneys.  We look forward to meeting them when we attend intellectual property association meetings and to visiting them during our international travels.

To support our domestic and foreign intellectual property practices, we have state of the art information technology systems.  Those systems include specialized docketing databases, to free our clients from worrying about tracking their intellectual property assets and maintenance deadlines, and dedicated computer searching programs designed to uncover prior intellectual property rights.  

We know that our clients in turn have their clients.  In-house counsel have their own business people to whom they report.  And we know that our clients are often limited by budgets.  We respect those relationships and limitations and we are comfortable with reporting to people at all levels of a company from General Counsel to Intellectual Property Counsel to inventors to marketers to artists.

Ostrolenk has stood the test of time for many years.  We are a rock of stability in an ever-changing intellectual property and business landscape.  But our outlook is young and vibrant.  We have the passion for intellectual property law to look at issues with a fresh and eager set of eyes and we have the wisdom and experience from our many years of practice to successfully advise and represent our clients.

If you are a client of the firm, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to continuing to serve you.  If you are not yet a client, we invite you to meet with us to discuss how we may be of service.  

Very truly yours,

Max Moskowitz